Suspension of Disbelief - Part III

How cool are these?

They're preload adjusters now availble from Wellington.. Can be spanner or screwdriver adjusted so they'll work with clipons or standard bars. They retail for around $155.00.

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On a similar note, I'm not 100% sold on the Ohlins that I have at the moment. I've had a close look at the Gazi shocks mounted on a mate's bike and they appear to be very well made, and they have rebound adjustment, which the Ohlins don't. If I was to sell the Ohlins I don't think there'd be too much difference between the two, but i'm going to get some front fork springs from Ohlins to match the rear, top up the oil and see how I go.

Oh, and I'll probably have some of those preload adjusters too... Just because.


  1. ...selling the Ohlins you say?

  2. Perhaps! They're a beautiful looking shock, but I'm after something with more adjustments. I've also discovered "White Power" shocks, which have high and low speed damping controls and just about everything else. But they're $2000.00AUD. But yeah, keep an eye out because I might sell the Ohlins. Hell, watch ebay because I might sell the whole bike!

  3. Sell the whole bike!!??

    Now you're scaring me Marlon. You've put too much work in to sell it and get the price it deserves.
    I will keep an eye out for the Ohlins though as I am pretty keen on them.

  4. Still just thinking about it mate - but it depends on my situation in general. I'm thinking about advertising it for a silly amount and seeing if it gets any interest. Sadly, life's gotten in the way and I might need something a bit more practical for the next few years.

    I'd probably be after a little less than I paid for the Ohlins, maybe $600.00. It's quite a bit of money I know, but you've got first dibs if I do sell them.

  5. Thanks Marlon,

    I know what you mean about life getting in the way - I've got 2 young kids myself! You need your toys to keep you sane though.

    Let me know if you do want to sell the Ohlins and I'll take them off your hands for sure.