Enginey Stuff

Instead of getting a new project bike, I've started a new project engine. (Damn you inner-city living and your lack of room. But thankyou, inner-city living, for your scantily clad girls on bicycles. Ahem.)

I'm trawling the net and will lose all these links without putting them somewhere. Maybe somebody else might find them handy. Many thanks, as always, to the Gman and the SR500 forum members. Without them, I'd be just another mechanical philistine. Well, less of one.

My slovenly progress can be traced through my posts here.

Overview Stuff

Cafe Carl's guide to rebuilding.

Power Vs Reliability Rebuild

Cams And Rockers

Which Cam?>

Late Vs New Model Cams & Rockers

More Late-Model Cams & Rockers

Oil Pump

Torque Specs and New Screws

Japanese Stuff

400 to 5000 - Including Kanrin

400-500 Again - Including Cam

400-500 - Which Parts?