Bits and Peices

Two weeks ago I ordered some bits and peices from German company Kedo, and today it arrived! I haven't ordered anything from them before and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Although you have to create an account to log in the whole system is ruthlessly German - well organised, click here, click here, take this soap, walk into this room and you've got your order. Fantastich.

Pre-oxidised (Hmm) case seperator. (Kurbelgehäuse-Trennwekzeug)

Meine flywheel puller tool und brass protection thing. (Polradbzeihe)

There were two other little tidbits that made the order kind of neat. A colour catalogue about the same size as a Munich phone book:

And a bit of liquorice!

Well there you go. Big thumbs up for Kedo from me. I think I'll be using them again. It's a bit of a shame that Thumperstuff don't really do the email thing but hey, this worked pretty well. But anyway, Kedo are good.

A+++++++ will bid again etc.


Yoshimura Japan

I'm doing some more research on SR engine mods, what to aim for with the rebuild, parts suppliers and all that kind of thing. As it turns out engine part supplier and designer of large green dinosaurs in Mario games, Yoshimura, are now selling a slip-on exhaust for the 03-08 and FI SR400. An interesting design...

Hmmm. Very "interesting". It looks like it retails for around $700, which, although it might shock a few people, is on par with other slip ons. Although I wouldn't like it on my bike I'd still be curious as to what is inside it.

Yoshi also sell other engine components on their website - cams, pistons, carbs, valve springs, cam chains and digital tach/temp gauge/shift indicator/stopwatch/clock/geiger counter. Interesting!

Website is here - Yoshimura Japan


Crank Hunting

Good news - I might be onto a SR400 engine. I'll have to see if it actually all works out but it's a bit of a double edged sword. On one hard it'll have a better designed head for oil flow, but I will have to change the crank for a 500. And here comes my friend Matt with a spare rooted bottom end he has. He needs the layshaft from it and I need a crank...

There's no vertical movement in the crank, which I'm told is a good thing? Doesn't look real flash though.

And it begins...

So we'll see how things go. It's great fun doing this inside my room. I've got the radio, the internet within arms reach which is important for my level of ability. (None). God. I'm such a product of the 21st century.



... That's dedication.


Happy Birthday To Me!

I got an SR for my birthday!

A mini champs die cast model. Not a bad little replica. Looks like it's got an XT engine instead of the SR, but it's got lots of great details about it - fuel lines, brake lines, carbs etc. I've never been a die-hard die-cast fan but to have one of the humble SR is quite neat.


New Project!

I don't have the money or the space for another bike project, but I'm still getting the hankering to start breaking things and paying other people to fix my mistakes. Rather than continue working on bikes in the yard the plan is to start smaller, with just an engine, and work away on that in my bedroom.

I picked up an engine stand from Hanks Engineering for $43.00 delivered. (If you've got a MIG and bits of scrap metal around Stew Ross has kindly provided the plans to build one yourself here.) So this is where I'll be working...

Notice something missing?

I'm hunting around for all the peripherals at the moment (I've always borrowed other people's manuals) but the real test is proving to be the engine itself. It seems the days of $500 engines are gone, with Vic Wreckers and Scotts Motorcycles wanting around $1100 for a complete 400 engine. I've got an ad up on the forum, on the SR500 clubs website the and have also tried Find A Part, all with no luck.

I'd be able to get a reasonably-priced 400 engine from Japan quite easily, but I want to keep trying to find a 500 first - just because the smaller niggly thing like cam chain tensioner set up are the same that most English-speaking engine builders have dealt with. I know there's not a huge difference between the 400 and 500, but I'd like to get answers to my stupid questions in English rather than worry about googletranslate. Very much be thanking you.

So the hunt continues, I'll start doing some research into getting a donk from America or the Fatherland. If anybody knows of an engine being sold for around $500.00, drop me a line!