Yoshimura Japan

I'm doing some more research on SR engine mods, what to aim for with the rebuild, parts suppliers and all that kind of thing. As it turns out engine part supplier and designer of large green dinosaurs in Mario games, Yoshimura, are now selling a slip-on exhaust for the 03-08 and FI SR400. An interesting design...

Hmmm. Very "interesting". It looks like it retails for around $700, which, although it might shock a few people, is on par with other slip ons. Although I wouldn't like it on my bike I'd still be curious as to what is inside it.

Yoshi also sell other engine components on their website - cams, pistons, carbs, valve springs, cam chains and digital tach/temp gauge/shift indicator/stopwatch/clock/geiger counter. Interesting!

Website is here - Yoshimura Japan

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