Bits and Peices

Two weeks ago I ordered some bits and peices from German company Kedo, and today it arrived! I haven't ordered anything from them before and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Although you have to create an account to log in the whole system is ruthlessly German - well organised, click here, click here, take this soap, walk into this room and you've got your order. Fantastich.

Pre-oxidised (Hmm) case seperator. (Kurbelgehäuse-Trennwekzeug)

Meine flywheel puller tool und brass protection thing. (Polradbzeihe)

There were two other little tidbits that made the order kind of neat. A colour catalogue about the same size as a Munich phone book:

And a bit of liquorice!

Well there you go. Big thumbs up for Kedo from me. I think I'll be using them again. It's a bit of a shame that Thumperstuff don't really do the email thing but hey, this worked pretty well. But anyway, Kedo are good.

A+++++++ will bid again etc.


  1. Anonymous8.7.11

    What does a case splitter cost from Germany now days?? (landed with postage)..?

    Would like to compare to the cost to a local seller in Sydney who sell genuine Japanese made splitters....

    Rather support local business if price is similar or same etc..

  2. €52.10 delivered for the above. Let me know how much the Sydney one is!

  3. Anonymous14.7.11

    Emailed Kedo, I saw they have it for about 40 Euro, but do you need to buy that brass crank saver thingy separately for extra $$? Saw it is sold by itself?? Anyway will have a cuppa tea (VB) and think about while waiting for the answer from them.

    Japanese made one is about $20 - $25ish bucks more (yours was $70 ish dollars if i converted the dollars right). Japanese one looks better in my totally uneducated opinion as it has a nice big T handle and additional ratchet point, it is also nicer to look at.

    I guess they both do the same thing, looks simple enough (might even make one as i am a cheap ass lol..) after all it will probably not get used too many times at my age...

    However the Japanese one comes with a few extra long bolts and a nice roll up pouch to keep it all in which is a nice touch. The end fits the crank as it should (right taper etc).

    Might just support the local guys in the end, they do a great job getting all this gear and have been great so far. It keeps the dollars and taxes in Oz and keeps Aussies in a job! As an old retired gent, I know is important for lots of reasons (might need the emergency ward after kicking the XT into life again, hehe)

  4. I think you'd be fine without using the brass thing. It's pretty superfluous. You could even use a washer instead, I guess? The price for the above also included the flywheel puller. (And brass nob.)

    Got a link for the Japanese one? Or the Australian one? I'm usually really, really anal about supporting Australian manufactured things but all too often they're just importers, which I don't really care about supporting. (Notable exception being Vanem - he's bloody helpful too).

    If you've got a link for the Aussie one and the Japanese one put it up here!