Cafe Racer
They carry parts and do dyno work and some scarily quick engine builds. Pretty much the go-to guy for SR/XT/TT500 performance work.

The Mischief Makers

These guys are based in Melbourne and are a very affordable custom part maker/fitter. I've had these guys do a fair bit of work on my bike and can't recommend them enough. A bit of a disclosure - I've been helping them set up their blog, but that's it!




Makers of some nice CNC stuff for the SR. Some of their products seem to overlap with another Japanese company, Bore-Ace. They make a variety of billet parts with more of a sports focus. The highlight of their kit is the most beautiful rear hub disc brake conversion known to man. I've never ordered anything from these guys, but they have a good reputation in Japan.

Custom House Stinky

Orange Boulevard

Peyton Place
These guys make good looking exhausts that aren't too loud, and a variety of parts in a more traditional style. However the real shining star with these guys are the full fairing kits they sell. I've had a chance to look over one in person and it really does look the goods. However their rearsets, while light, felt a bit flimsy. That being said in Japan there's people who do nothing but buy products from these guys.