Nakajima Sakae - 14 Cylinder Air Cooled Goodness

I think I prefer the sound of this to the Merlin...

Skip to the 1.00 minute mark for audio porn.

I've got an engine!

1993 SR400 399cc of oil-leaking goodness.

It'll be a while before it arrives but here it is...

It'll be a while before it lands - quite a while actually, as it's still in the frame in Japan, but I think I've nutted out a working shipping option. I'm told the engine itself is in need of a rebuild - but it still has compression and still runs.

The trick will be for it to keep running after I'm done with it.


I got me some books...

And I can't read a word of Japanese. But they're fun anyway. Ordered from Amazon Japan.

A Microfiche! I've already tracked a coupel down, but It can't hurt to have a physical copy...

It's interesting to see how visual the Japanese guides are compared to our Haynes or Clymer...

Although I'm missing out on a wealth of information by not speaking Japanese I still think they're worth taking a look at. I can't have enough photos when I'm pulling stuff to bits. The first book in the pic would be the most useful - mostly about engine based things and performance hot ups. The second cover would be the least useful as it shows really basic things like adjusting brake cables and so forth.


Hacked off a mirror...

I've left a fair few of my tools at my girlfriends house, which is also a building site. What hasn't been stolen* is now underneath a metric ton of furniture and insulation and I couldn't get to them. So picked up a hacksaw and chopped off my mirror today.

It was rusted on so tight I couldn't undo it without the nut starting to slip. So I chopped it off to get a socket on it. Came off with a bit of a struggle, but at least I didn't have to drill it out. Only problem is... I don't really have a good replacement. The hunt continues.

*My bass amp and cabinet, which was kept at her house too, has gone missing. Grrr.


In Sydney

I was back to my old stomping grounds for a week while I was on leave from work. While doing the touristy thing in the CBD, I came across this guy...

Having a bit of a professional interest in ESO's it was great to see ambulance single responsers on bikes. I've often wondered why we use sedans and territorys down here in Victoria when they don't offer any real advantage over a standard ambulance unit.

I also went to Deus and caught up with a mate who now works as a mechanic there. Spending all day playing with bikes. What a shithead.


Nice SR

This was that at an SR meeting a few months back. Really, really, really, really, really clean. Lots of nice bits on it.