2005 Yamaha SR400 - $9,900
It was bought new by me from Deus in stock form in 2007 and over the last five years I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time and money building it into an angry little café racer. I’m looking at going back to study full time, so I need to free up some funds before I cut back my work hours. Deciding to sell this bike has not been easy for me.
There really has been no expense spared and very little of the bike is stock. I’ve wanted a café racer that not only looks great but goes like stink and handles beautifully as well.
The engine makes it a very different bike to the standard SR400. It puts out double the horsepower as a stock 400 (The same as a WR450 in standard trim or a LC4 engine) but is still very sensible and easy to ride around town. That being said, when ridden with a bit of aggression it’s a thumping nasty little bastard that is very, very quick for an air-cooled SOHC bike. Fueling is spot on. It starts very easily at all temperatures and idles beautifully. The exhaust is considerably louder than stock but still sensible - It’s got a beautiful tone and isn’t obnoxious.
All servicing has been done by me, with oil changed at half the recommended intervals
The bike would be great for anyone wanting a great looking bike that is really one of a kind, is dead reliable and fantastic fun to ride. It’s learner legal (Insert Evil Laugh) in all states that have LAMS. Here’s the run down on what the modifications to the bike.
Engine Modifications
·         High Compression ceramic-coated oversized piston
·         Keihin FCR 39mm flat slide carburetter
·         Hardweld Cam
·         Carillo Rod
·         500cc Crank
·         K&N Air and crankcase breather filter
·         High Strength Valve Springs, new valves, valve seats cut
·         Ported
·         High Quality stainless exhaust system. Larger diameter header, 3 ½ inch constant wound perforated steel core
·         All engine work involved a full rebuild to take it from 400cc to 510cc. The rebuild Included all bearings, races, cam chain and tensioner blade, valves, gaskets etc. All engine work done to a blue print level by Carl at Café Racer in NSW. He’s had around a million years of experience in modifying, rebuilding and hopping up XT, TT and SR500 and 400’s. I have receipts for all the work completed on the donk.
·         Mike’s XS Fuel Tap (No vacuum line on the Keihin Carb)
Suspension Modifications
·         Ohlins Piggyback shocks at the rear SR-specific models. Non-adjustable type.
·         Ohlins fork springs with heavier weight oil.
·         Steering Damper.
·         Fork Brace.
·         Daytona Stainless steel brake line.
·         Alloy box section swingarm. Same dimensions as stock, but more rigid. Able to fit a much wider tyre than standard.
·         Clipons – with Posh mini switches. Electrics run through the hollow clipon mounts and into the headlight bucket making the handlebars look a lot cleaner.
·         WM Rearsets with kick start lever
·         WM Single Cable Throttle body

Frame Alterations
·         All unnecessary tabs removed, including the centrestand mounts and pillion foot peg mounts.
·         Rear frame has been cut and shortened, with a loop running underneath the seat.
·         Rear indicators are mounted directly into the rear of the frame, set further forward than stock
·         Frame cutting, welding and painting completed by Craig from The Mischief Makers
·         Shortened front stainless steel fender
Instruments, Electrics and Lighting
·         Stock headlight, mounted on aftermarket brackets.
·         Posh mini brushed indicators
·         Mini-Idiot lights. Indicator (Yellow) engine on (Red) Neutral (Green) and hi-beam (blue) mounts on a bracket to a Daytona mini speedo
·         Lucas-style tail light
·         Single Mirror
·         Daytona bar-end weights
·         Ignition is now underneath the seat, facing forward, making it barely visible from the outside.
·         All wiring work not done by me – a professional mechanic who usually plays with old Ducatis. If he can get the electrics to run smoothly on one of those…
·         Engine Sidecovers, top triple clamp and various other bits and pieces machine polished this month. With little care and attention, should look like this for a long time to come.
·         Fork top caps
·         Pirelli Sport tyres less than 1000km’s old.
·         Front brake pads are around 4000km’s.
·         Rear drum is standard with plenty of feel and adjustment left
·         520 Chain and Sprocket is 4500km’s with minimal wear. 17/40.
·         Fork Seals replaced 2500km’s ago (When the fork oil and springs were changed)
·         Engine Oil, cam chain and valve clearances checked, set and changed regularly – done by myself.

The bad: Well, there isn't too much at all. There is small, 5mm chip in the paint on the lower left hand side of the fuel tank. It's covered by a small sticker of a... erm... dog at the moment. I only have one key for the bike, and this has been the case since I bought it from Deus. A few years ago this was a bit of a worry for me, but now days many locksmiths can do coded keys very easily and cheaply. I'll be looking into this shortly, possibly before I sell the bike.
If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m flat out working and studying these days so if you’ve got any questions of a general nature it’d be best to check into the SR500 forum or pop along to an SR500 club meeting.
I can help sort interstate shipping if you’re in NSW.
The bike has 1 year of rego left on it (Just renewed). If you’re in Vic, it does not come with a RWC.
Bike is available for a look at in the Melbourne CBD area. Test rides are dependent on your experience and size of deposit. And if you bin it... you've bought it!


  1. Hi! I have yamaha sr400 too (http://cs5719.userapi.com/u23644/-14/z_d0b0504c.jpg). And i`m thinking about cafe seat.

    Is there possible to ride with a passenger (with seat like yours)?

  2. Anonymous26.7.12

    Hi, I'm based in Melbourne and would be keen to see your bike with the view of buying.

    I can be contacted on 0412000829.

    Regards, Mike

  3. lovely sr400 and i have a new bigbike is

  4. Anonymous24.9.12

    Hi Marlon

    Is the bike still available?

  5. Anonymous28.9.12

    Your bike still available?

  6. Anonymous9.4.13

    Hi Marlon,

    do you remember your FCR set up??

    Basically did you re fit the throttle position switch when changing to the FCR or did you leave it off?

    I have heard it is good to use the TPS when changing but others say don't bother it doesn't hurt anything with it off.

    Whats your thoughts?