Mag Wheels by Y's gear.

Q: What's the diffence between herpes and SR Mag Wheels?
A: You can give herpes to someone.

Well, that was the school of thought about the dear old SR mags. They're quite heavily stepped in late 70's design and many owners go about replacing them with the more traditional wire spoked wheels. Over time the SR mags have really grown on me and I've become a bit of a fan. On the right bike they give the whole thing a solid look... and they'd be easier to clean than standard.

For the last few years, Yamaha's aftermarket part supplier,Y's gear, have been producing producing the mags again for around $2200 AUD. And before everyone gets excited and drags out your old mags from the shed or the bottom of the sea these new ones are a little different.

The front is 1.5 kilos lighter and the rear is 2 kilos lighter than stock and can also run tubeless tyres. The front is also an 18" which looks pretty neat to me.


  1. 1. i like the old mags!


    2. the new ones have an 18'' front???

    it used to be 19''???

    (I'M NOT AN EXPERT!!!)

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  3. Did I read that right 2200.00 dollars for two wheels??