Valve Clearences

Besides vainly watching the top of my head on the teev last night I did actually do something constructive yesterday. The valves have been sounding a little loud lately so I figured I'd check check them.

Everything off and ready for action:

With the flywheel cover off to find TDC I had a chance at how my rust prevention technique of some gear oil after a light sanding worked. Seemingly well:

There was some oil that'd gathered at the bottom of the cover.

With the feeler gauges in. 0.4 inch intake clearance and 0.7 outlet clearance with the new cam.

One more thing I've somehow misplaced, the retaining bolt for the fuel tank. There's also a bit of surface rust in there too. Any ideas on how to patch this up?

I didn't start it out after I'd done it, but I'm curious if it's stopped the valve noises. The inlet clearence was a tiiiiiiny bit lose and the exhaust needed a bit of a tighten. I've got a little bit of a routine downpat for doing valves and the whole thing takes around 20 minutes allowing for my usual faffing about, losing feeler gauges and misplacing spanners.


  1. Anonymous24.12.10

    Hope you did a better job this time and have the hang of those adjustments now, you don't want to chew out another valve stem because of bad set up!

  2. I'm not so bad with the valve adjustments these days! Methinks the split valve guide was more because of jetting that was too lean and too much time with the thing pinned open on the highway. Speaking of which I should take some photos of the old head all chewed up...

  3. Anonymous10.1.11

    Have seen plenty that look the same as yours did, so your not the only one who has had that issue. Tight adjusters, poor carby set up and yes - wide open for extended periods while the heads get bashed silly causes the issue (usually at high temp with poor A/F.

  4. how are you finding TDC with the flywheel cover off? I have seen this technique on other yamahas, but my hanes manual doesn't mention this and I'd love to know. I've got a 1980 SR500 myself.

  5. Anonymous10.7.11

    Flywheel off?

    Cover is off - look for the big letters that say TDC. Notch is formed in the case (look for a little pointer in the case) line them up.

    TDC text not always present, however lines always are. All details are in the varies workshop manual.