Shooting Rockets and Neigbours.

I'm going for a new job at the moment that has around 4 stages to go through before you get an offer. I've done the typical group interview, a typing test, had to look things up in a street directory and listen to some fascinating, yet slightly upsetting phone calls.

Anyway, yesterday I went to an Audiologist for some testing. I've got more than a bit of a passing interest in what they do as my sister is profoundly deaf and at one stage of my pathetic career I used to sell PPE. We had a talk about high risk activities that can put your hearing in danger and each time I told him about something he'd ask some very pertinent questions about it.

Q: Are you involved in any shooting or hunting activities?
A: Yep.
Q: What bore?
A: Large - military service rifle.

Anyway, we had a talk about firearms and exposure to firearms discharges and pressure waves and things like that. As it turns out, don't stand behind a Carl-Gustav anti-tank rocket launcher because when it goes off at around 180db it'll suck out your earplugs.

Anyway, going down the list of potential-for-deafness warnings was motorcycling, whereby he asked if I rode with a full face or open face helmet, and if I wore ear protection. He recommended ear plugs for all riding. As many of you guys would have noticed already during long rides a loud exhaust not only sends you deaf but really affect your levels of concentration. He told me about some studies that showed how prolonged exposure to industrial noise, comparable to those when riding, will shorten your attention span and interestingly, your temper.

You learn something new every day. Always ride with ear plugs, never stand near a bloke firing an Carl-Gustav and never expect anything interesting from one of my posts.

Oh, and last night, lookee who was on neighbours!

Nice... er... head eh?

More interestingly:

Well, I was pretty chuffed. Two Harleys being used to frame a Yamaha.


  1. He's right about the ear plugs, I have some hearing loss after years of long day rides on bikes with loud exhausts. The longer the exposure the greater chance of damage.

    I found it hard to wear them however the soft silicon swimmers ones from chemists cut enough noise but not put you in total isolation like the foam ones. Comfy too.


  2. Ah wow, so you've been on the receiving end of it then. I often forget my plugs on rides and now I'll turn around and go back home to get them if I forget.

    I haven't tried the swimmers earplugs. I'm pretty happy with the cheapo foam earplugs but I do lose a little "situational awareness".

    I think I'll check out the swimmers ones then, thanks for the heads up!