My bike on the Dyno

Someone organised a dyno day where for $20.00 you get a run and a A/F readout. It was run atDynobike in Morabbin.

After running sportsbike after sportsbike he opened the door of the sound proof booth and saw the SR. "Jesus, will it make it?" he laughed and said something about finding a helmet for when it goes bang.

But it didn't, and here's the vid!

Original link is here.

And the same run in high-def, if you're that way inclined.

Results? 34. something horsepower. And I'm pretty bloody happy with that. The guy there said a standard WR450 puts out the same. And that's a four valve, liquid cooled, DOHC short-stroke motorcrosser. Mine's an air-cooled SOHC 30 year old dirtbike.

(Now we won't say what happens to the WR450 when you start to let it breathe better. Let me have my moment in the sun.)

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