SR500 - How to Change the Oil


  1. Anonymous2.3.11

    Some people will take this as gospel and let scalding hot oil drip all over their hands cuz it looks cool.

  2. listen here faggot - this video isn`t educational - now if it is meant as a joke so be it, but as i see it it`s not - so even if i understand 90% of it, and even if only at best 50% is actually tech talk it`s still crap because there are really some people over here that actually want to learn how to change their oil (and i`m sure you weren`t born knowing how to do it yourself) and not to be fooled into watching this crap so suck it sissy boy!

    you and all the moderators from sr500 forum can suck my asshole!

  3. Anonymous11.7.11

    Whoa! oil change rage...

  4. Anonymous9.2.12

    This vid is great. It is accurate, it is reasonable and I really liked the search results for swarf at the end. Too many people are convinced maintenance work on bikes is a black art; it is not. This vid proves it.

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